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‘Scream’ Star Matthew Lillard Says He’s “Available” For ‘Scream 5’


Scream star Matthew Lillard says he’s available to reprise his role* for Scream 5, even though the prospect seems unlikely. This news comes following all the renewed interest in Scream 5 after Neve Campbell revealed she’s in talks to return to the franchise for the movie.

*In case you’re unaware, Lillard played the role of Stu Macher in the original instalment of the Scream franchise. Stu was one of the two teenage boys revealed to be one of the masked Ghostface killers at the end of the 1996 movie.

For those who have seen the iconic suburban slasher movie, you may also remember Stu is killed in the end by Sidney Prescott, played by Neve Campbell. Even though his character was killed, Lillard is hoping to “revisit” the iconic horror franchise.

Talking to TooFab recently about the Scream franchise, Lillard was asked directly if he’d be open to appearing in Scream 5. Here’s what Lillard had to say:

“Yes, yes, I’m available, yes, yes! Yes obviously. That’s like Stacey Abrams openly campaigning for the vice presidency. There’s nobody that wouldn’t want to come back and reprise a role they got to do when they were a boy and be able to do something different as a man would be exciting. You just don’t get the opportunity often.”

The actor also admits that he “can’t imagine that’s the way they’ll go,” so Lillard makes it crystal clear that seeing Stu’s return in Scream 5 is probably not going to happen.

Lillard’s return wouldn’t be completely extraordinary. The actor previously confirmed the original treatment for Scream 3 included him popping up from jail, having survived the attack in the 1996 movie.

Stu would have been played puppet master to a collection of high school-aged serial killer groupies from behind bars, an interesting concept in our opinion. Would you like to see Stu return in some form? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: TooFab, Movie Web


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