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Theory: Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott Could Be Killed Off At The Start Of ‘Scream 5



Neve Campbell revealed that she’s in talks to return to the Scream franchise for Scream 5, however even if she does come back, it doesn’t mean Sidney Prescott will last very long in the movie. 

In the current age of iconic and established franchises ruling the box office charts, every studio is going through its back catalogue in the hopes of reviving any existing intellectual properties (IPs) that might draw fans into theatres aka cinemas. 

Once the global Coronavirus pandemic is over, the above-mentioned theory will likely become more common. Why? Studios will seek to try and make movie goers feel comfortable inside movie theatres once more. 

With the above being said, it hasn’t been a complete shock that a Scream reboot is on the cards, however it’s not clear at this time what form it will take. At this time, the project is being referred to as Scream 5 for clarity’s sake, however the film has no official title yet, and no story details. 

It’s being referred to as a reboot, however with Campbell now openly talking about her possible, Scream 5 doesn’t seem like it will be the start of a new continuity with new characters. 

Should Campbell return to play Sidney Prescott once more, Screen Rant’s Michael Kennedy (Kennedy) believes she might not stick around for very long. It’s fair to say, we agree also. There’s two reasons why we say that! 

Horror has a lengthy history of bringing back survivors to kill them off in the end, for example Scream’s Cotton Weary, but also story details* could play into Sidney being killed off. 

*It would be interesting if the reboot focused Sidney’s possible young teenage daughter (timelines work out). Campbell’s Prescott would be killed off during the opening, with her young teenage daughter discovering her slaughtered mother. The teenage daughter would essentially take over Campbell’s role years after finding her mum slain. Just like 1996’s Scream*  

One of the standout moments from Wes Craven’s 1996 Screamwas its opening scene, an amazing cat and mouse game between Ghostface and Casey Becker (played by Drew Barrymore) which resulted in her brutal death by the knife. 

It’s fair to say the scene was horrifying, because Barrymore was the biggest name in the movie, and was front and centre on all the movie’s marketing. Becker’s death suggested right away that Scream wasn’t going to be a conventional slasher movie, and that no one was truly going to be safe. 

“There’s no better way to replicate that feeling for Scream 5 than to have Sidney herself be the opening death this time.”

Michael Kennedy, Screen Rant  

Over the course of the Scream series, the feeling that anyone could die began to loosen, as the iconic trio of Sidney, Dewey, and Gale managed to survive sequel after sequel, even though sometimes appearing to die onscreen. 

Kennedy believes this “plot armour” needs to end for at least one of them in Scream reboot, and Sidney should be that sacrifice. fans of the iconic franchise love Sidney, and watching her die by the blade after nearly 25 years of surviving serial killer attacks would be a huge punch to the gut, and knock them off their feet. 

Source: Screen Rant


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