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Theory: ‘Halloween’s Michael Myers Has A Rare Medical Condition


Back in the late 70’s, John Carpenter introduced the world to the iconic and unkillable Michael Myers (Myers) in the classic horror movie, Halloween

Following the release of the first movie, the iconic franchise “exploded” and now has twelve movies featuring Myers has yet to be killed by anyone or anything. 

Myers’ unkillable persona has led to one theory suggesting that he has a rare medical condition which causes an insensitivity to pain. 

The first two movies of the Halloween franchise end with cliffhangers leading fans to question whether or not Myers has reached his end. 

When Halloween III: Season Of The Witch released in the early 80’s, Myers’ “alluded to Halloween II“ as the last time movie goers would see him on the silver screen.

However, six years later, Myers was resurrected in the franchise with Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. When the iconic killer returned, it promoted several decades of fans questioning whether or not he even could die. 

In almost every Halloween movie, Myers sustains some type of injury that would be fatal or cause significant pain to the average person. However, we’re not talking about your average person. 

This has added fuel to the fan theories that he is somehow an immortal being: one suggests that he is a cyborg. The most unlikely theory to date is that Myers has a congenital insensitivity to pain (CITP) – medical condition (condition). 

Even though there is a condition/disease that causes an individual to have an  CITP, Screen Rant’s Marian Phillips suggests it’s highly unlikely that Myers has such a condition. 

The medical term for such condition is Congential Insensitivity To Pain And Anhydrous (CIPA), CIPA is a rare hereditary condition that causes affected individuals to be unable to feel pain and unable to sweat (anhydrosis). You can find out more about the disease here

This is where Phillips debunks the fan theory of Myers having a medical condition/disease. 

If Myers does have something like CIPA, then his life expectancy would drastically be shortened by everything that is inflicted onto his body including bullet and knife wounds, being pushed from buildings and more. 

In all of the Halloween movies, it’s safe to suggest that there’s no way Myers would last so long. The condition may cause an insensitivity to pain, however, it doesn’t make people immortal. As proven in the medical definition seen two paragraphs above. 

However, if the theory suggested that Myers was immortal and had a CITP, then the fan theory would be more plausible, however the theory doesn’t. In the end, there’s still no explanation as to why Myers can’t be killed, but it doesn’t stop fan theories from proposing different possibilities. 

Source: Screen Rant


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