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What A New ‘Friday the 13th’ Movie Could Be About


Whilst fans wait for the lawsuit/legal battle over the rights to the Friday the 13th franchise to end, many are thinking about what a new movie might possibly be about. In case you’re unaware, there hasn’t been a new instalment in the iconic and long-tuning slasher franchise since the Platinum Dunes 2009 remake. 

When director Sean Cunningham (Cunningham) set out to male a low-budget horror movie that would take advantage of the success of Halloween, he came up with the little idea that would become a much-loved franchise with a number of sequels and follow-up movies.

The original instalment movie, which was written by Victor Miller, based on an idea by Cunningham, made nearly $40 million in U.S. on a budget under a million. Whilst much of the above-mentioned success can be attributed to the marketing department of Paramount, the movie itself hit all the marks horror audiences wanted at the time. 

Even though the ending left little room for a continuation, a sequel was put into motion way before final box office sales had been calculated. Putting all their faith on a plot point which would essentially contradict the entire original instalment, the production team decided to resurrect a dead character to continue the mayhem. 

Bringing back Jason, the young boy whose drowning in Friday the 13th was the motivation for the murders, was a contentious decision at the time. The concept paid off as teen-aged audiences were willing to put aside the unrealistic thought for “cinematic thrills”. Upon the release of Friday the 13th Part 2 in 1981, an all-new iconic killer was born. 

With that all being that, potential plot ideas for the next Friday the 13th movie can be found below. It’s unlikely that a sequel to the 2009 reboot  will happen due to its lackluster response. In 2017, a planned reboot by Paramount, still owners of the original film, was cancelled. 

Just like the Platinum Dunes movie, it was another origin tale, this taking place in the 1970’s. Tom McLoughlin, director of Friday the 13th VI: Jason Lives (Jason Lives), revealed that he had written a script where Jason stalks an all-female cast through a snowy backdrop. Whilst putting Jason in the snow has been a rumoured route for years, it would be fair to suggest that the Jason Lives director might actually get it made. 

Fans of the franchise have expressed interest in seeing Tommy Jarvis (Jarvis) again, one of the few characters aside from Jason to appear in multiple instalments. McLoughlin, who brought the character back for Jason Lives has mentioned that Jarvis  does not appear in his new script. 

However, Thom Mathews, who played Jarvis in McLoughlin’s movie, turned up in the fan-made film, Never Hike Alone, recently. It seems unlikely that whatever project is given the green light following the court cast has been resolved will be directly connected to any previous instalment. 

Paramount ended the franchise with Friday the 13th VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan in 1989. Having somewhat given up on the franchise, Paramount sold the property, “if not the property”, to New Line Cinema (New Line). 

Following the complicated follow-ups that didn’t do particularly great at the box office, New Line  produced Freddy Vs. Jason. The match-up between Jason and Freddy Krueger was a one-off hit that did nothing to move the franchise forwards.

Several years later, Platinum Dunes tried the same “tactic” with2009 version of the original instalment. Whilst the movie made some quick box office money in 2009, fans were divided. A sequel to the reboot was planned, however it never made it to production. 

Blumhouse (Blumhouse Productions) also played with the idea of a return to Crystal Lake, however that eventually fell through. Back in 2016, writer Victor Miller (Miller) filed a termination of copyright over his script, which would ensure Miller received compensation for any future sequels.

Even though Miller won in court, Cunningham filed an appeal, which is currently still pending. We wanted to end this piece on a quote from Screen Rant writer, Bradley Harding (Harding).

“When the smoke clears and the rights have been smoothed over, there is hope that a new film will capture the essence of what made the first Friday the 13th movies so popular with audiences.”


Source: Screen Rant


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