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Trailer: ‘WrestleMassacre’


WrestleMassacre slams into video-on-demand (VOD) and DVD on the 16th June. Watch the trailer for WrestleMassacre below and find more out about the movie below the trailer.

Tagline: You Can’t Top Out When Your Dead

Director: Brad Twigg
Writers: Brad Twigg, Julio Bana Fernandez (additional material*), Matthew L. Furman*, and Rosanna Nelson*
Stars: Richie Acevedo, Tony Atlas, Julio Bana Fernandez, Jason John Beebe


Richie AcevedoRandy
Tony AtlasHercules
Julio Bana FernandezOwen
Jason John BeebeTex
Aaron BrazierVictim
Daniel BrooksDemon
David Curtis Wrestling School Doorman
Eric Danger DionneRicky
Rene DupreeShawn
James L. EdwardsReverend Nathan Ashberry
Nathan FeeneyBar Patron
Cayt FeinicsAmanda
Manny FernandezTito
Jimmy Flame Jackie
Jim FullingtonKendo
Joseph GardnerCaptain Joe
Jesse L. GreenBrutus
Luba HansenTorrie
Nathan HineAndre
Rick JermainMr. Hogan
Jessica KresaFood Truck Worker
Brandy MasonColleen
Dee MoodyReferee
Rosanna NelsonBecky
Alex NeumeierBret
Chris O’BrockiSlade
Mick O’KeefeWrestling School Student
Josip PeruzovicRandy’s Father
Shawn C. PhillipsSoap Opera Couple
Yasmin QudahBar Patron
Preston QuinnWrestling School Teacher
Darren RicciVictim
Darrell SentzWrestling School Student
George StoverTV Host
Nick SuperchiVictim
Angel Miguel TorresVictim
Jimmy ValiantBoogie
Gary Lee VincentVince
Andy VinebergSid
Ryan Vox Steve
Nadia White Liz
Nicholas Yoder II Mr. Valentine
Derek Young Wrestling School Student
Johnny Youngblood Jake

Storyline: Randy is an awkward groundskeeper who is obsessed with professional wrestling. Longing for a sense of belonging with grandiose dreams of becoming a wrestling superstar, Randy is only met with abject humiliation and alienation.

A brutal shaming at local wrestling school pushes Randy over the edge and lights the spark for his blood lust. Donned in wrestling gear and armed with homicidal rage. Randy sets out on a blood soaked rampage to punish those who wronged him.

With each ghastly kill, Randy takes a trophy from his torementors to add to a wrestling title crafted from human flesh. The only hope of putting an end to his regih of carnage lies with Becky, an understanding client who is one of the only few to ever show him kindness.


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