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‘Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum’ Remake in the Works


According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Black Box Management and BH Entertainment have come together to remake Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum, which was directed Beom-sik Jeong.

“The original Gonjiam revolves around an online reality show that recruits a handful of people to explore the abandoned Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital.”

“We are thankful to our friends at Showbox for putting their faith in us to develop Gonjiam for U.S. audiences. Korea has become a second home for us, and we are excited to help share the entertainment and culture that has captivated the world’s attention,” Black Box partners Mike Dill and Lowell Shapiro said in a statement.

The movie generated $20 million dollars in the worldwide box office on a $2.2 million budget.

“As Parasitehas proven, the appetite for Korean content has never been higher. The partnership will further the exchange and development of Korean and U.S. adaptations, remakes, and originals for both Korean and U.S. markets,” Charles Pak, head of international development at BH Entertainment said in his own statement.

The South Korean found footage horror movie is currently streaming through Amazon Prime (U.S. only). Stay tuned for our feature on the movie.

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