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Upcoming Horror Movie Feature: ‘GetAWAY’


Director: Blayne Weaver
Writer: Blayne Weaver
Stars: Emma Norville, Danielle Carrozza, Kyle Mangold, Franchesca Contreras


Emma NorvilleMaddie
Danielle CarrozzaKayla
Kyle MangoldLando
Franchesca ContrerasHarlowe
Joshua CodyNoah
Michael RecchiaKrog
Jon RustJacob
Kristel RachockiAbigail
Abigail HaggertyTabitha
Kira JacksonCatherine
Hank Stone Vic
Joseph D. DurbinOfficer Cayden
Trevor Stevie Ray OntiverosOfficer Michaels
Ali DoughertyLaurie
Daniel Rylee BushRob

Storyline: A group of college students are making a horror film for their final project. They’ve found the perfect location, a summer camp, one recently closed for the season. The group will have total privacy and can shoot their ‘slasher flick’ all weekend long with no interruptions.

Maddie yearns to be an actress and is trying to get over a recent break-up, so this weekend trip seems like a perfect opportunity: a chance to act in a student film and get away from campus.

Maddie soon realises this is not going to be the weekend she had planned. Her ex-boyfriend, Noah, is there with his new girlfriend, the movie they’re making is terrible, and most of the students are more interested in getting drunk than making a film.

Oh yeah… Someone is killing them off. The night devolves into terror (and life imitates art) as a masked killer stalks the cast ad crew. There’s no escape, no way to call for help, and no one knows why they’re being killed or why the murderer is filming his kills.

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