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Horror Movie Feature: ‘Pandamonium’


Tagline: This Panda Means Business

Director: MJ Dixon
Writer: MJ Dixon
Stars: David Hon Ma Chu, Oriana Charles, Dani Thompson, Will Jones

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David Hon Ma ChuJacob Jakushi
Oriana CharlesArielle Walters
Dani ThompsonJasmine Sands
Will JonesDaniel Prince
James Hamer-MortonDamian Hook
Lee Mark JonesDick Tremain
Charlie BondCindy Glass
William MarshallTimo Gasto
Chloe BadhamAura Dawn
Derek NelsonJason Facile
Tatiana IbbaBella Rose
Annie KnoxSnowy Winters
Martin W. PaynePhillip Tanterton
Pablo RaybouldM.R. Rutherford
Charlie ClarkeCarol from HR

Storyline: The guys on Level 6 like to work hard and party harder, and that means the best booze, the finest drugs, and the hottest women money can buy.

Unfortunately for them, the strippers they’ve just hired have come with an unwanted guest. Jacob Jakushi, the infamous ‘Stripper Ripper,’ with an oversized panda mask and a taste for exotic dancers has these girls in his sights and he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

It’s now Strippers vs. a PandaHeaded Serial Killer as they fight to survive the office party from hell.

In our opinion, Pandamonium is a great independent horror-comedy. Stay tuned for our full review in due course.


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