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‘Friday the 13th: Part 2’ Writer Ron Kurz Has Passed Away


We have learnt, via FridayThe13thFranchise.com, that Ron Kurz (Kurz), the writer of Friday the 13th Part 2, passed away on the 7th May at the age of 79.

“Sadly, we learned today from one of our readers that Ron passed away suddenly on May 7th of heart failure. He was 79-years-old. Prior to helping write the first two Friday the 13th [movies], he was a correctional officer in Maryland as well as a published author.” Jason Parker, FridayThe13thFranchise.com.

You can read the obituary for Kurz here.

Even though he wasn’t credited, Kurz worked on the first Friday the 13th, it was Kurz who came up with the idea for the legendary jump-scare at the end of the movie. 

“I send my sincerest condolences to Kurz’s family, friends, and family. He will be missed. One thing is for certain, Kurz will always be remembered for firmly establishing Jason as the franchise’s iconic killer!”

Jamie Simms, Horror Movie Zone

Source: Bloody Disgusting, FridayThe13thFranchise.com


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