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Trailer: ‘Framed’


Framed will spill blood onto digital platforms on the 7th July. Watch the trailer for Framed below and find more out about the movie below the trailer.

Director: Marc Martínez Jordán
: Jaume Cuspinera, Marc Martínez Jordán,       
Stars: Enric Auquer, Joe Manjón, Àlex Maruny, Júlia Molins


Enric AuquerJavi
Joe ManjónAlex
Àlex MarunyInvasor 1
Júlia MolinsBea
Biel MontoroTomás
José García RuizInvasor 2
Daniel HorvathMaurice
Mercè MontalàMari Carmen
Ann PerellóSecretaria
Pep SaisJuan
Clàudia PonsClàudia
Carlus FàbregaInspector de Policía (as Carlus Fábrega)
Lídia CasanovaSara
Santos AdriánInvasor 3 (as Santos Adrian)
Ramon CanalsPolicía 1

Storyline: When three wildly demented users* crash Alex’s farewell party, they turn everyone at the party into players in their perverse and brutally sadistic game, while they stream everything online, They have one goal: to gain an audience.

*In the movie, “Framed” is an app that allows anyone to stream online from any mobile device with no censorship or oversight, where participants are willing to do anything for an audience.

Source: Bloody Disgusting


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