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Original ‘Friday the 13th: Part III’ Pitch Had Ginny Hunting Jason Down


In case you’re unaware, Amy Steel (Steel) was the final girl in director Steve Miner’s (Miner) Friday the 13th Part 2. Steel played Ginny in the sequel of Sean S. Cunningham’s Friday the 13th.

Talking to an audience at Crypticon, back in 2018, Steel revealed details about how the original plan was to bring Ginn back to battle Jason once again in the original pitch for Miner’s Friday the 13th Part III. Here’s what Steel had to say:

“Ginny was a kind of a badass, she went to go learn jiujitsu, self-defence, and she was in college, and she was being called weird by all these people because she had PTSD, and she flashing back on this guy named Jason at some lake where people died, and everyone was making fun of me.

So my roommate one day says, “Hey, Ginny, can I borrow your car?” The red Volkswagen. I said ‘Sure,’ because Ginny didn’t go out at night, she was so weird. So my roommate took my car out. In the meantime, I’m doing my laundry because it’s Friday, of course, everybody does their laundry Friday night. I go downstairs to the laundry, I open up the dryer, and Paul’s head is in the dryer.

And then from there, all of the sudden the police come. They find me in the dorm, and they said, basically, that I’ve been killed. And I go, ‘No, I haven’t been killed’. Evidently, Jason or somebody attacked my roommate, who was driving my car. And then Ted and I…remember Ted? Ted and I start on this wild goose chase because we know Jason’s out there. And so we start hunting him down.”

The reason why this version of Friday the 13th Part III was down to the fact that Steel decided not to return for the third instalment.

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