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Trailer: ‘Playhouse’


UK-based genre sales outfit Devilworks have acquired the worldwide rights to the supernatural thriller, Playhouse. Watch the trailer for Playhouse below and find more out about the movie below the trailer. 

Directors: Finn and Toby Watts
Finn and Toby Watts 
Stars: Eilidh McLaughlin, Helen Mackay, William Holstead, James Rottger


Eilidh McLaughlinAlex
Helen MackayJenny Andrews
William HolsteadJack Travis
James RottgerCallum Andrews
Jim PageFootball Commentator
Julie HigginsonSamantha
Grace CourtneyBee Travis
Mathilde DarmadyKatie
Rebecca CaliendaKathryn

Storyline: In a remote Scottish castle, an irreverent writer faces terrifying consequences when his daughter falls prey to an evil curse lurking within the walls. 


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