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Theory: Mrs. Voorhees Knew Jason Wasn’t Dead – ‘Friday the 13th’


A recent online theory regarding the original Friday the 13th is that Mrs. Voorhees knew Jason (her son) wasn’t dead. Whilst this might clear up some plot holes in the iconic horror franchise, more questions still need to be answered. 

Sean S. Cunningham’s (Cunningham) influential slasher movie was a massive box office success for Paramount. Bought following a bidding war with several other studios, Paramount launched an expensive ad marketing campaign. 

“The slasher template borrowed from Halloween (1978) and featured ingenious and gruesome practical effects by Tom Savini (Savini), hit a nerve with the thrill-seeking public.”

Bradley Harding, Screen Rant 

By the end of it’s incredible box office run, it was Paramount’s second most profitable movie in 1980. A sequel was requested quickly by the studio, however given the high death rate in the movie, following it up would not be so simple. 

For those that don’t know…

The storyline of Friday the 13th revolved around the reopening of Camp Crystal Lake, a summer camp which was closed following the murders of two camp counselors in 1958. As the owner, including the new counselors, prepare the camp grounds for the summer, they are murdered methodically.

It was revealed (towards the final scene of the movie) that former camp cook, Mrs. Voorhees (played by Betsy Palmer) was responsible for the murders in 1958 as well as the bodies spread around the lake. 

Voorhees confession to the movie’s final girl Alice (played by Adrienne King) revealed that her killing spree was started by the death of her young son, Jason, who drowned in the lake after two counsellors left him unattended. Following a struggle with Voorhees, Alice ends up decapitating her, swiftly ending Voorhees reign of terror on the camp. 

So the question is, did Mrs. Voorhees know Jason was alive? 

In an unscripted addition, credit to Cunningham and Savini, Alice boards a canoe and falls asleep. She dreams that Jason, in child form, rises from the lake to attack her – dragging her underwater. Even at the time the movie was release, fans believed that the dream sequence really happened. 

“Overlooking the fact” that Jason died 13 years before and wouldn’t have been a child, the whole premise for the movie would have been totally contradicted if the ending had been real. Fuel was added to this rumour when the sequel was released a year later, which ran with the premise that Jason did not die in order for him to “take the mantle of killer” from his dead mother. 

The recent online theory suggests Mrs. Voorhees knew that Jason was alive all along “posits” that Jason nearly drowned at the lake, but she found his near-lifeless body. Mrs. Voorhees hid hint way in the woods and vowed to never let the camp to reopen again.

The lack of oxygen caused Jason to suffer severe brain damage, affecting his speech. This would explain why Mrs. Voorhees spoke for him throughout the original movie.  Whilst this theory is a massive stretch, it just goes to show the creative lengths that fans will reach to make sense of using Jason as the killer in the sequel. 

Source: Screen Rant


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