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Trailer: ‘The Room’


The Room will be released on video-on-demand (VOD), digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray on the 21st June. Watch the trailer for The Room below and find out more about the movie below the trailer. 

Director: Christian Volckman
Writers: Christian Volckman, Eric Forestier 
Stars: Olga Kurylenko, Kevin Janssens, Joshua Wilson, John Flanders


Olga KurylenkoKate
Kevin JanssensMatt
Joshua WilsonShane – Child
John FlandersJohn Doe
Francis ChapmanShane (teenager)
Vince DrewsChet
Marianne BourgSuzanne, the Hospital Receptionist
Oscar LesageHenry
Carole WeyersMrs. Schaeffer
Michaël KahyaMr. Schaeffer
Jean-Louis SbilleShane (age 60)
Victor MeuriceShane (old)
Livio SiscotShane (18 months)
Heather Bailly-GadeShane (baby)
Isaac KaminskiShane (baby)

Storyline: While moving into a secluded mansion, Kate and Matt discovers a strange secret room whose interior holds the power to make everything they want a reality. Millions of dollars, the original of Van Gogh and the most luxurious outfits – whatever they want, instantly materialises. 

One day, Kate decides to ask the room to grant them the child they haven’t been able to have. However their initial happiness from this blessing will have unforeseen consequences. As they say: careful what you wish for.

The Room is one of Shudder’s most watched original movies. Stay tuned to Horror Movie Zone for our review of the movie.


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