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‘Jason Goes to Hell’ Director Says Jason Voorhees is a Deadite


Update: The founder of fridaythe13th.forumotion.com penned a really interesting piece on the subject matter of this article. You can read ‘ Jason Voorhees Is Not a Deadite’ here.

It’s fair to suggest some fan theories are actually true! 

Fans have been speculating on a specific fan theory for years now that Jason Voorhees is actually what’s known within the Evil Dead franchise as a Deadite, and that’s all been fuelled by Jason Goes to Hell

Not only did the movie tease a battle between Jason and Freddy Krueger, it also included a pretty neat Easter egg: the Necronomicon-Ex Mortis in the basement of Voorhees basement. Was it a tribute or something with more meaning?  

According to director Adam Marcus in an interview with Horror Geek Life, it was intended to be something with more meaning.

“[I] wanted to create a mythology for Jason in this movie, because it had driven me nuts as a viewer,” Marcus said, specifically talking about Jason magically growing from a small boy to aa full-grown, unstoppable monster in such a short period of time. 

“She [Pamela Voorhees] makes a deal with the devil by reading from the Necronomicon to bring back her son. This is why Jason isn’t Jason. He’s Jason plus The Evil Dead and now I can believe that he can go from a little boy who lives in a lake, to a full grown man in a couple of months, to Zombie Jason, to never being able to kill this guy. That, to me, is way more interesting as a mashup, and [Sam] Raimi loved it!” 

Marcus added: “It’s not like I could tell New Line my plan to include The Evil Dead, because they don’t own The Evil Dead. So it had to be an Easter egg, and I did focus on it…there’s a whole scene that includes the book, and I hope people would get it and could figure out that’s what I’m up to. So yes, in mo opinion, Jason Voorhees is a Deadite. He’s one of The Evil Dead.”

Some fans may refute this by saying Jason Goes to Hell ins’t canon, but to those people, Marcus says… “It absolutely is cannon.” 

Source: Horror Geek Life, Bloody Disgusting 


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