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Theory: Laurie Strode’s Daughter Won’t Survive ‘Halloween Kills’


2018’s Halloween introduced both Laurie Strode’s daughter Karen and granddaughter Allyson, however Screen Rant’s Michael Kennedy thinks Karen won’t survive Halloween Kills

The biggest dramatic theme running through the 2018 movie was the importance of family, and the idea that family bonds are never beyond repair, even in “the most dire of circumstances.” 

Laurie’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) determination to protect her daughter (Judy Greer) and granddaughter (Andi Matichak) from the return of Michael Myers (Myers) is a strong, and one which is in the end reciprocated.

The 3 Strode women proved to be a strong and powerful team against Myers, managing to escape Myers assault, still alive. Thats despite a handful of close calls, and apparently no longer being supernatural, Myers is still impossible to keep down for good. 

Even though the Strodes trapped Myers inside Laurie’s burning house, it’s fair to suggest that no one really thought this would be his end, even before the announcement of the two upcoming sequels.  

What’s interesting about 2018’s Halloween’s apparent family matters theme is that the reboot revised the plot element that defined all the past sequels, that Laurie Strode was indeed Myers’ sisters. 

In that particular sense, she lost a brother, but in Halloween Kills she might lose a daughter. So with that being said, lets delve into Kennedy’s theory regarding Karen Strode’s potential demise!

In the 2018 reboot, it was revealed that due to the PTSD Laurie suffers from as a result of her 1978 encounter with Myers, being her daughter was far from easy for Karen. 

Laurie raised Karen to be a fighter/survivalist, fearful that Myers would eventually comeback. She turned out to be right about that, but not before losing custody of Karen and them spending years estranged 

Now that they’re back on the same page, it would appear the Strode women will battle Myers together once more in the forthcoming sequel, however it probably won’t last long.

Thanks to Laurie’s long-time close relationship with her granddaughter, it’d be fair to suggest that Karen is sort of the odd woman out – even after their reconciliation. 

This would make Karen a great/interesting choice for Michael to kill off, leaving Laurie and Allyson as a duo spurred on to victory by the death of their daughter/mother. 

Myers killing Karen in Halloween Kills would set the stage for an incredible final battle, as it would represent yet another person Myers would have stole from her life, however this time the one closest to her heart. 

Source: Screen Rant 



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