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Why Mike Flanagan Didn’t Direct 2018’s ‘Halloween’


Doctor Sleep and The Haunting of Hill House Director Mike Flanagan (Flanagan) almost directed the 2018 reboot of Halloween, however things didn’t work out in the end. 

It’s fair to say that John Carpenter (Carpenter), the original creator of Halloween (1978), is without doubt one of the “most revered directors” in the history of the horror genre. 

Carpenter’s CV boasts a number of classics, even though his initial duds often become cult classics later on. Even though Flanagan isn’t on Carpenter’s level just yet, he’ll certainly get there within two or more consistently good horror movies. That’s just our opinion! 

However, many believe that Flanagan hasn’t yet made a truly bad movie. Flanagan took his talents to the small screen, creating, producing, directing, and co-writing Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House (THOHH). 

The streaming platform was so pleased with the reception to THOHH that they now have Flanagan working on a number of additional projects for Netflix, including a sequel series called The Haunting of Bly Manor

Being an expert filmmaker and a well-known horror love, it shouldn’t come as a shock that Flanagan was considered to direct Halloweens 2018 reboot. What’s more shocking is that he didn’t get the job and here’s why. 

Around the time Doctor Sleep was released in theatres in 2019, Flanagan revealed that before David Gordon Green and Danny McBride were hired to make the Halloween, Blumhouse’s (Blumhouse Productions) Jason Blum contacted Flanagan about the potential project. 

The head of Blumhouse told Flanagan that if he was interested in directing the moive they could probably work out a deal. The issue/problem was, Flanagan spent a couple of days trying to formulate a pitch for the reboot, however he found that to be quite difficult.  

In fact, Flanagan came up with a single potential element in all the time he spent brainstorming: making Dr. Loomis a female character. In the end, Blum moved on with his search for a direct, and Flanagan says that was probably for the best. 

Source: Screen Rant 


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