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Trailer: ‘Warning: Do Not Play’


Warning: Do Not Play is now available on Shudder U.S., Shudder Canada and Shudder UK. Watch the trailer for Warning: Do Not Play below and find out more about the movie below the trailer.

Director: Kim Jin-won
Writer: Kim Jin-won
Stars: Narendra Singh Dhami, Ye-ji Seo, Seon-kyu Jin, Bo-ra Kim


Actor/Actress Character
Narendra Singh Dhami
Ye-ji SeoMi-Jung
Seon-kyu JinJae-Hyun
Bo-ra KimJi-Soo
Cha YubKwang-Bae
Yoon-ho JiJoon-Seo
Jae-Young JoeYoung-Min
Mi-kyung KimFilm Processor
Kim Jae-InMi-Jung Actress
Yoon Jeong-roPD Movie Company (as Jung Ro Yoon)
Tae-boo NamGrilled Clam Restaurant ‘Sung-Tae’
So-Yi ShinAudience Member

Storyline: Aspiring director Mi-jung is struggling with ideas for a new horror film, until she hears about a mysterious film.

One that’s rumoured to be shot by a ghost. The hunt begins, but as Mi-jung gets closer to the truth, the line between her film and her life begins to blur.

Translation: What at your own risk – Warning: Do Not Play

We cannot recommend this movie enough, please take an evening to sit and enjoy!


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