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‘Jeepers Creepers 4’ Approaching “Development” Stage According to IMDb


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Activity on the Jeepers Creepers 4 (JC4) IMDb page recently has us wondering what is going on with the movie.

Before we go any further, we need to make you aware of something. IMDb can be as reliable as Wikipedia at times, so any information you find should be taken with “a grain of salt”.

However, there are/were a handful of “inferred” things on the movie’s IMDb page that caught iHorror’s and our attention. With that being said, lets delve into the details.

The page for JC4 was updated on the 8th May, 2020, stating the fourth film in the franchise has been “announced” and a “script” was finished 5 months ago. However, iHorror and ourselves couldn’t find the link to the recent announcement.

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However, when IMDb identifies an update as “script”, it implies the following:

“Completed, copy written manuscript, which has been picked up by a production entity for development. A script may taken the form of a screenplay, shooting script, lined script, continuity script, or as spec script.”

Looking at Kirk D’Amico’s (D’Amico) IMDb page, it shows that he has been announced as the producer for the next instalment of the franchise – above all of his other projects:

In case you’re wondering, D’Amico is the head of Myriad Pictures, the production company behind Jeepers Creepers 2, 3,and 4. We will be reaching out to D’Amico in due course for comment.

From what iHorror and ourselves understand is a movie can be tagged “announced” for years on IMDb without any development, however, the announcement for JC4 was updated two months ago, 8th May, 2020.

According to iHorror, this can mean one of two things:

  • Either’s the movie’s production is moving along swiftly
  • It’s going to tagged as “announced” for years to come

The IMDb profile for JC4 also had actor Jonathan Breck listed as “rumoured” to return. Again, in case you’re wondering, Breck played the Creeper in the original instalment and the two sequels. However, Breck’s name has been removed from the JC4 IMDb page.

The “saga” of the troubled franchise is a dividing one to say the least. On one hand, you have a much-loved franchise and on the other the convicted pedophile, Victor Salva (Salva), who created it.

Because of recent events surrounding Cinestate, the horror industry is now looking extremely closely at what goes on the sets of their movies. So a new JC sequel is DEFINITELY not a good idea if Savla’s name is attached to it. In fact, Savla should just disappear altogether!

Back in 2019, JC4 was reportedly in development and there was even a rumour of television series. However, nothing came to fruition.

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