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David Arquette on ‘Scream 5’ Contract: “Ghostface Comes to Your House If You Break It “


In an interview with AP Entertainment, David Arquette (Arquette) has talked a little bit about Scream 5 (including his contract and Wes Craven). Here’s what Arquette had to say:  

“They announced it, the contract that they sent me, literally I think it has ‘Ghostface comes to your house’, if you break it. Like, that’s it, it’s done, you’re gone. It’s an intense contract, so I’m not really sure about what I’m allowed to say or talk about but I’m really excited to get together with Kevin Williamson, [who has] blessed it, and these incredible new filmmakers. So I don’t know, I’ve got such a big mouth that I can’t talk about anything”

Here’s what Arquette had to say on Wes Craven:

“Anything Wes did, I’d love to see his legacy continue. Wes Craven was such an influence for me and a mentor. That’s gonna be a lot of my time on it, just reminiscing about all the incredibly important times I shared with him and how influential he was on me.”

You can watch the interview in full below.

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