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‘Halloween Kills’ Trailer Will Be Released When The Time is Right


It would be fair to suggest that Halloween fans are eager for anything relating to the next film in the series, Halloween Kills. However, Blumhouse (Blumhouse Productions) are playing their cards close to their chest at the moment, and it turns out there is a reason why. 

During a prolonged Q & A with fans over at Fandom, Jason Blum (Blum*) explained that while the movie is still set to be released on the 16th October, the studio still doesn’t know what the landscape in Hollywood is going to look like in October. 

Essentially, Blumhouse are waiting to “ramp up” promotion  on the movie until they are 100% positive that they can hit the above mentioned date. Here’s what Blum had to say on the trailer and the movie itself: 

On the trailer: 

“The reason [a trailer] hasn’t come out yet is because we don’t know what the world is going to look like in October. Right now, we’re still planning on releasing the movie in October, but if there’s no way to release it [theatrically], then we’re not sure. So we’re not going to release the trailer until we really are very sure when people are going to get to see the movie. So that’s the hold-up. But we have a great trailer and a great movie, and i can’t wait for everybody to see it.” 

On Halloween Kills:

“It’s always great, and there’s so much love for the franchise. John Carpenter’s idea was such a great idea, and it’s amazing it’s still going on. David Gordon Green’s interpretation of the movie with what he did on the first Halloween (2018) that we did, I’m really proud of it. I think walked the perfect line of bringing enough back of what the original Halloween felt like but also making it new, so it was a discovery and worth seeing, and I think he does that again on our second film.” 

We both love and hate Blum’s answer on the trailer situation! What do you think of what Blum had to say? Let us know in the comments below.

*Head of Blumhouse 


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