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Jason Blum on if Katie Could Return for The New ‘Paranormal Activity’ Movie


During a prolonged Q & A with fans over at Fandom, Jason Blum* (Blum) was asked** if we might see the return of the original protagonist Katie (Katie Featherston) in the new Paranormal Activity (PA) movie. Here’s Blum’s answer to that question:

“You’re right, I couldn’t tell you if I knew. We’re gonna do the movie. We’re developing the movie, but I don’t know where the story’s going to land. We’re talking different things. A hundread percent, we’re making a movie, we just haven’t gotten that far with development. But I’ll tell you this. I would love to bring her back and she’s a great actress and she’s an old friend and I hope we get to bring her back.”  

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*Head of Blumhouse
** Insert caveat – the fan asking the question likely knew that Blum couldn’t say anything for sure just yet.


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