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Netflix Users Petition for M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Split’ to Be Removed


Recently, #GetSplitOffNetflix (hashtag on Twitter) has been trending on the social media platform.

Part of a much bigger social media campaign, its goal is to get Netflix to remove M. Night Shyamalan’s  Split from its library. Why you may ask? Because it misrepresents Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) thus offending people who suffer from the condition.

However, the situation is a tad complicated though. While the social media campaign to remove the 2017 thriller movie is strongest in the U.S., the streaming platform was never offering the movie to American users to start with.

Therefore, the campaigners are predominantly calling for Netflix to remove the movie from its libraries worldwide, and never have it return to the streaming platform again. 

The campaigners major issue with the movie is that it inaccurately depicts DID looks like as well as how it functions. Meanwhile, a Change.org was started (around 4 days ago) and goes into further detail on why the movie should be removed.

“This movie inaccurately represents the disorder in many ways; over-exaggerating the rarity of the disorder, insinuating that those impacted are capable of complete physical metamorphosis, and, most importantly, highlighting the false stigma created in Hollywood, introduced by films like Psycho, that people with DID are more likely to be violent, or will in some way inflict harm onto others. In fact, those with the disorder, as with any mental health condition, are more likely to be victimized than to be perpetrators.”

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Considered as a sequel to Unbreakable*, Shyamalan’s Split follows a man, played by James McAvoy who suffers from DID with 23 personalities, some of which are evil, others generous.  

For those who are campaigning for Split to be removed, there’s always someone else who says it should stay…How do you feel about the movie though? Do you think it should stay on Netflix, or do you feel it should be removed? Let us know in the comments below.  

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