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Trailer: ‘The Beach House’ Isn’t The Place to Ride Out a “Parasitic Invasion”


It would be fair to suggest that The Beach House (TBH)isn’t the place to ride out a “parasitic invasion”*. The trailer for the forthcoming movie has been released. Watch the trailer for TBH below, shared by Entertainment Weekly.  

“Hoping to reignite their relationship, Emily and Randall arrive at their weekend getaway only to discover a peculiar older couple already staying there. They all agree to share the home and after an indulgent night of partying, wake up to a living nightmare of apocalyptic proportions.”

The Beach House stars Liana Liberato (Emily), Noah Le Gros (Randall), Jake Weber, and Maryann Nagel. The movie was produced by Andrew D. Corkin, Tyler Davidson, and Sophia Lin. The movie, which was directed and written by Jeffrey A. Brown, will be streaming on Shudder starting from the 9th July.

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*Wording taken from Bloody Digusting’s Daniel Kurland 4-star review of the movie – which you can read here.


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