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‘The Monster Project’ Sequel in the Works


Expect an official announcement in the near future! Director Victor Mathieu (Mathieu) has revealed that a sequel to the 2017 found footage movie, The Monster Project, is in the works. Here’s what Mathieu had to say on the yet to be announced sequel:

“Wanted to let you know we’re announcing its sequel, The Monster Project 2. Release TBD. Plot details are being kept under wraps. Certain cast members can be expected to return, new monsters to be introduced, and new cast members as well.”

When asked if any additional information could be shared at the time, Mathieu added the following:

“The most I’d like to disclose as of now is that the plot of the sequel will be anything but what you might expect. It will take off from where the first one left off, but not quite how you might expect…”

We can’t wait for the sequel, we loved the original instalment. You can find out more about the 2017 movie here (trailer can be found below).

Source and H/T: Upcoming Horror Movies


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