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Posters: ‘Piranha 3D’ Writers are Planning a ‘Red Wedding’


Via Bloody Disgusting, we have learned that a brand new project from writers Josh Stolberg (Stolberg) & Pete Goldfinger* (Goldfinger) is in the works.

Having also written Jigsaw and Piranha 3DD, the first posters (aka sales art) for the pair’s new project, Red Wedding, have emerged online. See below:

The above posters feature Leah Pipes (who starred in the Sorority Row**) as the bride. Even though there are no plot details as of publishing this article, the above posters indicate one thing…It’s going to be a bloody wedding.

Stolberg has been teasing the forthcoming project on Twitter – related tweet can be seen below.

Stay tuned to Horror Movie Zone for more on this project.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

*The duo behind Lionsgate’s forthcoming Saw sequel, Spiral.
**The pair wrote the movie


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