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10 Recent Short Horror Movies You Need to Watch Right Now


Listed below are the ten most recent* short horror movies we think you need to watch right now. A brief storyline for each short is provided, but that’s all the information you’re gonna get! You’ll have to wait until the end of the short to find out who directed it and starred in it.

*PLEASE NOTE: 2018, 2019, and 2020 count as most recent in our perspective.

No Laundry After 10pm: She picked the wrong time to do her laundry…

Eden: As three friends head home after a late-night, they find themselves being stalked by a man’s great weakness.

Dual: A child psychologist attempts a breakthrough with a troubled little boy, but unleashes the demonic fury of his “imaginary friends” in the process.

The Stylist: A psychopathic hairstylist collects scales and wears them in an attempt to escape herself.

Diet: Be careful what you eat…Just saying!

The Vicious: Worlds collide as a family on a road trip stumbles upon a farmhouse with a peculiar set of residents.

Slut [TRIGGER WARNING: ATTEMPTEPT RAPE WITHIN SHORT]: A naïve young girl becomes the target of a murderous sociopath when she attempts to reinvent her to impress the boys in her small Texas town.

Siren Head: A live-action horror short movie based on Siren Head. Siren Head is a character created by Trevor Henderson.

Stay at Home: While the world fights it’s biggest opponent, one simple box with one simple instruction could change the course of world history….or yours at least. 

The Smiling Man: A little girl home alone finds herself face-to-face with pure evil.

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