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Job Bob Briggs Reveals He Had COVID-19


Approximately 4 months ago, Joe Bob Briggs (Briggs), host of The Last Drive-In, became a MAJOR  talking point in the horror community and not in a positive way. 

Briggs was facing accusations of homophobia and racism. The criticism comes from articles he wrote for Takimag, a right-wing website, including a piece that challenged the merits of the LGBTQ acronym and a piece which argued for the “need to listen to white supremacist speakers. 

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In case you didn’t know, Briggs is also known as the author and former Dallas Times Herald journalist John Bloom. Briggs revealed last week (reluctantly we might add) that he had Coronavirus while facing backlash online, even though he kept his diagnosis private at the time. 

“You have to tell people that you had COVID,” Diana Prince (Prince) said during Thursday’s episode of her own podcast, Geek Tawk, which Briggs featured as a guest. For those who don’t know, Prince is known as co-host Darcy the Mail Girl on The Last Drive-In

Briggs responded by saying, “When all that controversy was going down on Twitter, you wanted me to tell people that I had Coronavirus. But I could still be at my computer and answer those emails and things. It was not like I was on a ventilator.” 

The backlash against Briggs came not so long after Dallas filmmaker Adam Donaghey was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old (a minor). The Dallas filmmaker worked on a number of projects with Dallas-based movie studio Cinestate, whose chief executive, Dallas Sonnier, who also owns horror-genre magazine Fangoria  and the now discontinued website Rebeller. The Last Drive-In host wrote for both outlets, however resigned following the arrest of the Dallas filmmaker.

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“I thought it was an automatic death sentence for someone in your age bracket,” Prince told Briggs. “I heard you. You couldn’t breathe and you were in so much pain. You were not yourself, it was sad to hear you, and I was crying constantly and so scared that I would never see you again, and everybody was piling on you.”

Brings responded by saying, “Many people have had it and most of them were worse off than me. I wish everybody thought it was a death sentence, because then everyone would wear the [expletive] mask and we would get rid of it.” 

Prince said that it was hard to act normal during ht second season of The Last Drive-In, which ended early last month. “I was so fed up with all the people so mean to you and then [I was] then so worried about you,” Prince said. “And I had to be like, ‘Yay! Let’s watch [expletive] Heathers’ or whatever, like I give a [expletive] right now.” 

Briggs said, “we can’t make this show about us. This show is about those movies. We’re the oasis, we’re the place where you come to not worry about stuff like that.” 

Source: Dallas News (Dallas Morning News)

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