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Courteney Cox Officially Returning for ‘Scream 5’


It’s official! Courteney Cox (Cox) is going to return to the Scream franchise once for Scream 5.

The news of Cox’s return was revealed in a statement released by Radio Silence today. Read the statement in full below:

“We can’t imagine Scream without the iconic Gale Weathers and are so incredibly thrilled and humbled to have the opportunity to work with Courteney. We’re absolute mega fans of her work and we’re so excited to join her in the chapter of the Scream saga.”

Cox is set to reprise her role as the intrepid news reporter Gale Weathers and we couldn’t be more happier about the news. Social media posts relating to the announcement can be found below.

In case you’re unaware, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett will direct the movie. James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick wrote the script, whilst original Scream writer and co-creator Kevin Williamson is onboard as executive producer.

Production on Scream 5 is set to start this year in Wilmington, North Carolina. You can read all our coverage of the movie here.

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