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Robert Englund Hopes for A More Explicitly LGBTQ+ Remake of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’


A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (Freddy’s Revenge) is well known for its noted homoeroticism.

Robert Englund (Englund), who played the infamous Freddy Krueger, has revealed in an interview that he hopes a more explicitly LGBTQ+ remake of the A Nightmare on Elm Street will be made in the future.

In an interview with TooFab, Englund considered that many viewers of the films would be open to a more diverse cast of the characters in the films today.

Englund said that, if there was another remake of the classic horror film, it needs to focus on “middle American kids that think they’re a little hip and they are co-opted by evil and they lose their innocence on all levels; sexual, violence, murder, death, [realisation] of their parents’ flaw, all of those things.”

Englund added, “But because our society now is more damaged because of the opioid crisis, because of incredible diversity, because of the openness now with gender and sexuality, those kids now have to be different than the kids from the original “Nightmare” and someone has to write a different batch of kids and Freddy needs to be a different kind of evil. His evil needs to be, he needs to toy with what they like in the culture.”

Talking about the homoerotic tone of Freddy’s Revenge, Englund said, “If they redid [Freddy’s Revenge], for instance, and really deal with the subtext, Freddy toying with that boy’s sexuality…But the fact that we’re more comfortable with that now, I think it would be really fun to have Freddy play with one kid who’s gay. Maybe one boy is not. Play with them. Tempt them. Force him out of the closet or back into the closet and we can do that. audiences would accept that now. Freddy would do that because he’s in your head. But it is going to take somebody very clever to do that.”

However, this is where things take a turn in our article. Due to the homoerotic undertones of Freddy’s Revenge, star Mark Patton had his career destroyed. Patton recently released a documentary that explored the film’s impact on his career. The documentary’s synopsis can be read in full below:

“Screen Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street sets the records straight about the controversial, which ended Mark Patton’s acting career, just as it was about to begin. Scream Queen follows Patton as he travels to horror conventions across the U.S. Each new city unwraps a chapter from his life that is met with equal parts joyful and bittersweet detail, as he attempts to make pace with his past and embrace his legacy as cinema’s first male “scream queen”. Scream Queen also finds Patton confronting Freddy’s Revenge cast and crew for the first time, including co-stars Robert Rusler, Kim Myers, and Clu Culager as well as Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund.”

Englund’s concept is interesting and something we’d watch! Would you watch a more explicitly queer remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: TooFab

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